My Dear Empath Introverted, Laptop Gypsies, & Virtual Vixens…

Did You Know That You Can Design & Trailblaze Your Own Peaceful yet Empowering Life Path, Just by Being You and From Anywhere in the World? You Could Have Your Own Spirit-Led, Sacred Biz! Fashioned After Your Passions, That Reflects but Honors You & Your Core Values! You Can Be What You Want, Do What You Want and Have Control of Your Life. Perfectly Fitting For Your Introverted Self. But, How Do You Go About Doing That?

Let’s look at your mindset. Let’s be dead honest with ourselves. You Might First Need To Get Your Power Back. If, You Ever Even Had It. You Could You Be Overwhelmed, Worrying Too Much, In Paralysis Analysis? Most likely, You’re a Hermit and Borderline Agoraphobic.

Looks Like You Need A Renewed Sense of Yourself in Order to Create a Meaningful, Purposeful Life and Spiritual, Lifestyle Business, Ridding Yourself of Toxicity… In All Your Areas of Life, Within Yourself and Your Environment! As Empathic People, We Soak Up Toxic Energy Easy.

Your Self Care & Self Image May Have Tanked and You’re Ridden with Overthink! Sitting Up in Bed Awake All Night! You Want So Badly To Make Changes To Have Your Ideal Life But You’re Not At All There! You’re Going Through a Wildly Powerful Spiritual Awakening and Your Life is Calling you to Find Your Passion and Connect with Your Life’s Purpose. You have a Message and You Need to Share It! You Need The Right Information, Education and Guidance that Will Help You Do Just That.

Welcome Home! I am your Spiritual Influencer, “Empath Introvert Expert”, Life Purpose Teacher, Mental Strength Mentor, Mindset Educator, Sacred Biz Start-Up trainer, and Friend. I Give & Provide Empowerment and Education that Comes from the Love I Have for You and Your Own Soul’s Mission.

You Truly Are the Muse of Your Life! (wink) Don’t Forget It! We Can Do This Together. We Are Sisters in Spirit and I Promise to Help Shine a Light Upon What Just Might Be Hidden In Plain Sight, So That We Can Move Forward and Transform into The Right Kind of Woman, Who Owns Her Power and Takes Back Her Life. This Awakening Will Be One of a Kind. How Do You Want to Show Up for Your Life?

Fears are Dampening Your Vision of Yourself and Stealing Your Energy. It’s Robbing You of the Light that Shines off of You and Your Beautiful, Personal Magnetism. But This is Just The Beginning! You Can Use This Time to Evolve Yourself Along with Your Business! This Spiritual Awakening Will Open You Up To Yourself and Help Activate The Best of Your Strengths. You’re On a Road of Self-Discovery, Healing, Emotional Awareness… Spiritual Growth, Powerful Life Lessons, Creativity, Energy and Understanding Manifestation.

Spiritual growth and healing on your spiritual journey!

You may have been on an incredible awakening for a little bit now and either it has empowered you or it has caused a significant feeling of chaos, not knowing who you are any more or what your life even means. Have you lost yourself? Are you asking about who you are underneath all of those layers?

Things in life may have caused you to question everything around you. However… One thing’s for sure and you have wanted it all your life… Finding your passion and living with a purpose to create a soulful career and beautiful life that brings you meaning. But, what does that look like for you now? We all have a very different definition of success. We all have a different outlook when it comes to what we hold sacred.

You are EXTREMELY manifestable, as soulful, empathic women! You can imagine great things and build these things in your life. But, it takes work. It takes intention. It takes heart, mental toughness, strength, and will. However, because women like us often are very connected to the universal energies and, holy spirit around us, you can feel the sense of pulling. You feel this yearning. Life is calling you and you ought to answer it… This is why your intuitive development is so important. But there’s got to be a plan. One of consistency, resiliency, a strength of mind and clarity of vision.

I know you are ready to find your passion and design your dream. You are a limitless vessel of creativity and spirit. You seek liberation and freedom. Understandable indeed. Right now, your plan is to find that loving place, get that freedom and mastery, in both your personal and professional life. You’re seeking abundant wealth in a sacred, spiritual sense and with the material success, as you deserve. But it has to match your high sense of integrity. You must feel it deep within the power of your heart. Do you know your core values?

As spiritual, creative and empathic souls, we are very different from others and require a very unique way of being. I know exactly what this recipe mix can look like and believe that I can help guide you. I am just like you! I have lived through very similar things in my own life. There is no doubt about that, ladies! We need no boundaries and no limits. The only boundaries placed ought to be the ones that we use to put up against and keep the wrong kinds of people and situations away from us. Otherwise, the sky isn’t even the limit for women like ourselves. This is important to our intuition and key to confidence. It’s time to fall in love with you!

Our powerful intuition needs to be utilized and sharpened regularly. We need to learn to trust ourselves again.  However, you are going to have to let go of some things, such as limiting beliefs that simply no longer serve you and calm that head into a mindful place and state of being so that you aren’t going round and round in your mind. Where is that energy going? Surrender. Have faith. No one knows the future. We all have fear of the unknown. There’s some reassurance in that. But it’s a process. Remember those things that bring you joy! What makes you feel enthusiastic and engaged? What makes your life have more meaning and feel more sacred to you? What truly enlivens you?

It’s time to be audacious. It’s your damn life and you need to stand firm in your beliefs and stand your ground. Stop giving yourself away and get rid of those people who do not mirror where you’re going, what you have become and are still becoming. All that energy that you put out for others, needs to be put back into you. It’s vital that your self-care is nurtured in order for your abundance to come through. Embrace the beauty of nature. This will add to the perfect sacredness of your life.

Our self-care and inner peace come first! It’s far too important to not do so! It was the basis for my own transformation and it never stops. I’m still riding that train. If I allow myself to forget and be swept by the crazy things that come up in my life, I will descend into a whirlwind of stressful thoughts and a battering inner-critic that won’t shut up. So, I try to keep consistent by being mindful and careful with those thoughts, in order to work within the moment. Slowly, step by step, things will begin to get done, life will get organized and I become more relaxed with a sense of inner peace and harmony.

We are on a spiritual journey. Life will unfold for us in many exciting ways as we begin to blossom, as we continue to decide to be happy, peaceful and grateful in that moment. Living intentionally, staying clear and remaining focus is an incredible part of having a mindset of success for a spiritual and prosperous life. Preparing for a mindset of growth and mental strength helps us to achieve great emotional awareness and sharp, critical thinking capabilities. You can be ok with your beautiful, gentle, relaxed and hermit self.

As we learn to develop the nerve, courage, and audacity to speak up and out, we will gain a type of courage that gets built up as healthy confidence with an ability to tactfully assert yourself, allowing those around you to know that you have boundaries and it’s those boundaries that are keeping you protected.  Practice analyzing yourself and see where your strongest points lie in comparison with what you need to work on in order to be consistent with your strength. Assert yourself, baby, whoo! Just be open with your energy. Allow your personal magnetism to grow with this energy.

It’s also high time that we begin to fall in love with ourselves all over again, if not, for the first time life! A relationship with yourself can be a creative and magical way to draw closer to the energies surrounding all of us and to tap into the frequencies of imagination that allows you to magnetize and materialize.

Adopt your own sacred moments and times of mindful prayer, thought, journaling or reflection. The inner child within needs you like this. Each day, as you grow, working on your mindset, let go of the things that may be holding you back, such as limiting beliefs carried over from childhood or an abusive relationship.

Listen to that quiet voice that nudges you in a particular direction. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Empower yourself. You’re a Bad-ass Bitch! Whaa! Whenever you are inspired, Take freakin action! You are strong and full of resiliency. You have made it through much and it has formed you into a woman of presence, power, and purpose.

I have inside of me, an overflowing cup of experiences, intuitions, inspiration, and wisdom that has me reaching out for more creativity and knowledge in areas that are untouched to me. But more than that, I have a need to share and teach what I know. I have initiated and integrated much.  I feel ready to manifest more and live even more fully with purpose and intention.

My dreams, synchronicities, and intuitions have gotten so incredible this year that it’s even revealed hard truths that warned me of things that I found out to be true. My shadow work has been incredible in ways that I can hardly even touch in this blog. However, I am the woman to hold your hand to help you better understand what on God’s earth is happening to you, who the hell you are or where you want to go in your beautiful life. I am so honored to be here as a woman, who can inspire you to act in your own life.

There’s a Goddess, Empress, Mystic Sage and Prophetess inside of you! We are amazing people. Empaths aren’t just these sappy sensitive types. We are strong and kick-ass. We are ahead of the pack. We can create the epic, empire that we always dreamed of. Adversity will come just like it always had but it’s getting through it without those fears, overthinking and overwhelm that will allow you to get through like an ace. Mental strength is a powerful and wonderful thing that is built with your resilience. Don’t forget it!

To wrap things up, I finally want to thank you for visiting my humble, digital, abode and I welcome you to inspire yourself. Educate yourself. Enhance and empower yourself. Get out of the stuck. Realize that time goes on by as you allow it to pass you up because you over analyze, procrastinate and avoid your own dream.

Your time is worth something. You can liken it to currency and so for each hour wasted, that’s money spent aimlessly. Make those changes. Turn it into a playful and fun thing to do with the Universe. You’re on a journey. Choose your own adventure! Get strong and get inspired by yourself. You are a muse. You are a spiritual, sage and creative genius.  Work that stuff, girl! Get that shit done and over with! Out with the old and in with the new!

It’s time to unleash and bring out the new you. You’re an enterprising, inspiring, and empowered empathic introvert with full powers of manifestation.

Create those Magic Mantras. Baby!

The Magic Mantra:

Ek Ong Kaar Sat Gur Prasaad   

This article is courtesy of 3HOThis chant is a master key to the Cosmos. It opens the way forward when you are stuck. Treat this mantra with reverence. It has the power to amplify your words, so after your chant it, keep yourself elevated. Vibrate the Cosmos and the Cosmos shall clear the path!

“You can change your orbit easily provided you understand you are part of Infinity and Infinity is part of you.”  ~Yogi Bhajan 

Discover your authentic self. Experience authentic living!