7 Key Traits That May Prove You Are Fated to Become a Great Spiritual Entrepreneur


Unless you have been buried somewhere all your life, most of us already know what it means to be an entrepreneur. You’ve seen the type. They’re savvy, forward-thinking, open-minded, enterprising, etc.

They often times possess charisma with an understanding of what people need or want and they set out to fill it. Possibilities are limitless for these individuals and where there’s a rule, they break it, where there are doors, they walk right through them. They see the grand picture and they go for it.

But… What does it mean to be a ‘Spiritual Entrepreneur’? What qualities do these individuals possess? What is it do they see as their own personal mission? It takes a special kind of individual with a set of personality traits and business savvy all their own to be called a spiritual entrepreneur. However, there are many out there and we’re seeing them come out in droves as the world cries out for these special people.

What about you? Are you seeking to create a conscious business? Do you want to change the world with that great idea, that insightful book, that healing product, your powerful coaching service, or that message of hope that might bring some meaning into another person’s life?

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 7 key traits that may prove you are fated to become a spiritual entrepreneur.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship is being refined and redefined each day. It’s a concept that is seemingly new and though an initial sense of it is there, each individual crafts the definition in terms of how they see it and the area of Spiritual healing work they are in.

1. Integrating our Personal and Professional Lives as One

Spiritual entrepreneurs understand that life cannot be boxed into separate sections, going from one to the next as though they aren’t related and don’t intersect. Such is the case with both personal and professional lives. These are 2 sides of the same coin. It’s damn near impossible to leave home what we bring to work and to leave at work, what we bring home. We are holistic beings mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We need to understand that balance in all areas is of utmost importance. Too much of anything on either side that creates an imbalance, causes life to be more difficult than many realize and it’s already an achievement to have it within our temples that we walk around in. Spiritual entrepreneurs understand this at an intellectual and intuitive level. We need to integrate and marry our professional and personal lives if we are to find balance.

2. Knowing What Their True Gifts Are and Utilizing Them for Their Purpose

People who pursue socially and spiritually conscious professions are keen on what their natural, God-given talents are and they make good use of these. Spiritual entrepreneurs possess passion and enthusiasm because they understand that they have a calling and a greater message that they are bringing into the world.  Even for those who haven’t fully clarified what their passions and purpose are, they still instinctively know that they are guided and feel and pull to pursue what these are by way of self-reflection, an activity that they often times find themselves engaged in.

3. Spiritual growth… Not perfection.

We are all in a constant cycle of growth and expansion. When one journey ends, another begins and so on. None of us are perfect and our not too friendly critics can go kiss it. We are not perfect and neither is there ever that picture perfect moment that you’ve been planning and waiting for. Spiritual entrepreneurs understand this really well. When the idea comes and opportunity strikes… Go for it! Create the circumstances that will open roads for you. When the spiritual entrepreneur sees a window, they leap and they don’t bog themselves down with frightening scenarios that could immobilize a person and strike fear into the individual before they ever even left the house! Once you realize that perfection cannot be achieved nor is it even important when measuring success, the more you’ll begin to understand that simply making the moves and getting started will carry you closer to your success. Spiritual entrepreneurs are people who love personal growth and development and lead often rich, inner lives.



4. Spiritual Entrepreneurs See Within Terms of Possibility… Not Scarcity.

Spiritual entrepreneurs carry an attitude of gratitude. They see all that they have and not what they don’t. They feel abundant. The logic of the glass is half full does not apply. They understand that to have a mindset that sees and feels only lack and scarcity is to doom themselves before they ever get started. Sadly, many of us have been raised and live in a society where this thought process is prevalent. Companies take advantage of this every day by telling you that you are not complete without having this or getting that and maybe achieving this…etc. Markets like the Health and Beauty industries make billions every year because of this fact. People don’t feel pretty enough, rich enough, thin enough, smart enough, blah, blah, blah. Spiritual entrepreneurs operate from the frame of reference that we live in a giving universe. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door will be open. What you seek, you will find. All you have to do is make the simple decision to do so.

5.  They Focus On the Vision. The Details Will Come. Belief is Key.

Spiritual entrepreneurs have a deep connection with the divine. That connection has proven itself time and again. Therefore, these individuals have faith that their mission, vision, and or message will be birthed and that the messy details will come second to that. Because they understand their vision to be coming from a place that is higher than we are and is of spirit, they know that it will be realized. Believing in yourself to create anything takes this approach. Jesus said that faith as tiny as a mustard seed, can grow and literally move mountains. Spiritual entrepreneurs make things happen as they feel them intuitively through their relationship and connection with something greater than we are and they feel it dwell within their heart. Life starts calling and they answer it.



6. Spiritual Entrepreneurs Take Risks and Aren’t Afraid to Fail

These mindful and charismatic leaders understand something very important if anyone wants to achieve something big. That’s risking the very real chances of failing.

The fear of failure grips most of us. We don’t want to be humiliated in front others. We don’t want to look as though we never knew what we were doing. Looking foolish is a powerful and paralyzing fear that has most certainly kept the best of us from pursuing something really great that just might have been the catalyst for real change and inspiration into people’s lives.

Spiritual entrepreneurs understand that the mission they are on is bigger than they are. A failure or even two won’t cast them aside. They look at it as an opportunity to learn a great lesson. Remember what Thomas Edison had said after he finally achieved the creation of the light bulb. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison. As far as a spiritual entrepreneur sees it, they cannot afford to think otherwise. The vision will die with the perceived failure and that’s not something they are willing to let happen. If the vision dies, then the powerful energy of the mission that could have been there to help countless others… will not exist. That’s a ripple effect that must not be lost because of fear.

7.  Intuition is a Powerful Guidance System.

Spiritual entrepreneurs lead themselves and see with their inner eyes. They listen for, feel out, are opened to and intuned with their sensitive antennae. Taking time for moments of reflection, self-analysis, meditation to clear the cluttered mind and most likely journaling, are important measures that are taken daily so that they might recharge and receive any insight as to what course of action might be the best.

Intuition is the divine guidance system that they have developed powerfully over time. Spiritual entrepreneurs understand and look out for messages sent from above through synchronistic events that often occur around them. They know that the angels are at play in their lives. They involve themselves in deep prayer that is more often than not, a continued conversation with the divine. Whether going for a walk, eating a meal, doing some shopping… Spiritual entrepreneurs are connected with their critical minds but more importantly, their inner eyes. They see past the mundane and the physical world and get wisdom only a few ever manage to collect over the course of a lifetime.

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