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About the Creator: Who Am I?

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It’s so true when it is said that empaths feel empowered and are at peace with themselves when they are in nature. I think of Snow White, haha. She was perfect among the animals, good with the forest and loved by all for her nurturing ability.

A Little Story About Who I am and How I got here, Creating ‘The Sacred Raven’.

My name is Jamie. I am the writer and creator of the Sacred Raven. I have been residing in Seattle, Washington most of my life, though had lived all over the states, with Arizona being a second home, where most my family had gone back to live. I plan to make a home in Sedona one day and create a spot in my Mother’s and Grandmother’s homeland of Roatan Island, Honduras. It’s currently my mission to connect with other women such as myself and help them build the best of themselves while seeking their passions and creating their life purposes through our Spiritual Awakening and personal growth experiences, and building our powerful, creative, and spiritually driven online businesses. I am here for their empowerment, to utilize my God-given, Empathic gifts of intuition, spiritual understanding, inspiration, motivation, research, education and finally for communication and connection. I am seeking to build a family.
I was just a tiny little girl when I first became conscious of the fact that my destiny, purpose, and passion all somehow were connected with our Most High. I was very aware of the spirit that was all around us, all-encompassing, at this very young, tender age of about 5 years old. I could really sense the power and awe of this universe in a big way, as I would often glance up and stare into the moon and stars and somehow understood that I was destined to important, spiritually driven things. I am a woman who is deeply connected to her creator and this powerful, magnetic universe. This side of me has always been there and always will be. It’s a part of my DNA code and embedded into my very cellular memory. Before I move on, I do want to first thank you for visiting with me here, at my humble, digital abode. I honestly believe that the Creator of this Universe has led me to create this blog for you and my new found, life’s purpose work as an educator, guide, mentor, coach, and advisor, to educate and carry you through deep emotional pain, your own life’s work, purpose, passions and spiritual awakenings through self-discovery. I have deeply researched this matrix of things and understand not only what’s going on, but to help women like me understand it and get herself out of it as well. It’s been a long time coming and an evolving process along the way. I’m on a powerful, spiritual, sacred and eye-opening journey with the hand of God leading my way. My new life as an Empath Introverted woman has become so powerful and I am empowered to lead others such as myself to bring our lives to the place that we are longing for. I first have had to learn to step into my own power with full confidence. There were moments when I thought I was ready and that I knew what my work would be. However, the pure, holy spirit of God and this evolving Universe knew better than I and lovingly let me know, (through many varying circumstances, some of which included powerful moments of pain and loss,) that there were plans laid out for me… Spirit has led me to understand that I was not ready yet at that time. I was still going through the process of letting go of the past and recovering from the loss, pain, and narcissistic abuse, which was severely damaging. Being the eldest of 8 children to a mother that was bi-polar, (though we did not know until much later), we lived quite a nomadic life that was never stable. My Dad was in and out due to our Mother’s battles with him and his then battle with chemical dependency. She often made him move out every few months. I could see through the things going on and had a very strong feeling that I knew where the source of our family’s discontent and problems had been coming from. Life was a constant struggle. My mother had very erratic emotions and was an angry & emotional woman, full of drama, but loved intensely. She was not religious and never spoke about anything in those areas. If she referenced the Bible, it seemed to be from a negative and somewhat bitter light. She did love the Book of Proverbs and had the pages ripped from the scripture  and hung onto the fridge by a magnet. Because I was such a very young girl, without a strong example of adherence to anything that resembled spirituality, it was strange to think that I had such a passionate, preoccupation with those things and had so many questions about the deeper things in life. They called me the little old lady because it seemed to the adults around me that I was ahead of my time due to this deep connection to the Creator and such a fascination with the divine…Asking the BIG questions about existence.
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I always felt like an alien and that I was different from other kids in school. I always thought it was because of my difficult life at home. But it was so much more than that. I was a serious, deep and tender child who was shy. I could feel when someone was genuine or not and it was difficult to look someone in the eyes directly. I could see within them. I now understand why but I am no longer fragile. I have stepped up into my power and am braving the storm of my fears. I am a proud Intuitive Empath Introvert
I started looking for churches and places of worship at the age of 8 years and buried my head into my book of bible stories and cassette that was a gift from my Grammy. Finally, I found a church to attend around the age of 11. Because of my Grandmother’s gifts of things like that Book of Bible Stories on tapes and when visiting our home, she’d tell stories, sing hymns and inspired me with talk about all that was possible in life, leaving me with the idea and impression that I could create and become anything as long as I kept close to the Creator, my core values, faith in self and of my spirituality. My mother, not being into religion or spirituality, did open my mind to caring for yourself through holistic modalities and living a lifestyle of organics. She was talking about ways of living,  healing the mind and emotions that we are only discovering today in mainstream society and so there were many people who thought she was woo-woo. She too, was simply ahead of her time.

My Spiritual Awakening and Deepened Understanding of Myself & Life Purpose

I am a middle-aged woman who feels free inside for the first time in her life. I am leaving behind those things that help me back from being myself and going after the things I dreamed of accomplishing. I have found a beautiful, powerful way to create my own life and live out my purpose in a way that compliments me as an Empath Introvert! Although I am a hermit, loner, and love to spend time alone, I love people and care for them very much. If I can help touch the heart and guide even one woman to her dreams and to herself as a spiritual, intuitive woman, seeking the sacred life… then I would have accomplished what I know to be God’s active will through me!
I have always been the kind to evolve and transform. I was always a deep thinking introvert and loved to involve myself in creative projects. Being quite a studious child, an honor roll student, as an adult, it never has left me. I dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur but I also have been on the quest for truth and service for as long as I remember. This has kept me so very close to this connection to spirit and my intuition. Childhood was a hot ass mess and it didn’t end there. I had to learn things the hard way. I went through enormous pain, loss, tragedy, drama, addictive patterns, physical issues, etc. Life was never easy. People expected so much. I had ties and obligations all over the place! I just wanted stability and a career that me feel proud. It’s not that I didn’t actively try, either. I just had far too many obligations to family, in-laws and even friends. But, I was always educating my mind with books, talk radio, documentaries and the like, around transformational, positive, & personality psychology, astrology, spirituality, holistic lifestyles and modalities, the quantum physical, para-political, and of course, the metaphysical. I was always fantasizing by playing the role of teacher or business owner as a kid! I would sit down for hours and create checks, grab out the monopoly money and design a store for my siblings to work and shop! I specifically remember wanting to be like the character Angela, on “Who’s the Boss”, because she owned an Advertising Agency, ha! I would also play “school” with my friends and loved being the teacher, writing up tests that they could take that were fun for them. I would get so giddy when I got to grade to the papers! I was a very creative girl, loved nature, was an awesome sketch artist and would make collages and such. I spent most of my time alone and would just daydream, write, read, listen to music, and enjoy projects that were for class. Those were some amazing times in life, just being a kid and being free. I’ve decided now, that I am going to connect with that inner child and bring her out into my new world, now! This is part of my spiritual awakening and plan for empowerment on my way to success and personal achievement. Times in life were particularly awful in the past decade up until quite recently in the last 2 years. What changed? My mindset and perception did. Layer by layer. Sometimes, by multiple layers, it seemed! Things just got clearer for me with the veils vanishing, melting away. I was going through the most intense Dark Night of the Soul to this date. My spiritual awakening all through… is currently still unfolding. It’s a process that continues to unfold and open up every day as I also become clearer and stronger. I desperately try to be as honest with myself as possible so that I can be the most effective when tackling those things that hold me back. Self-care at this point is totally highlighted because we are needing to care for our mental and physical health when handling issues that affect our body temples, as empath introverts. We have such a hard time with this because we can end up putting all our energies into those we feel responsible for and love. We can never relax unless everyone is happy and we always feel responsible to make that shit happen! Guess what… It’s not your problem! Not anymore! When you put your energy into creating change for your own life, you will manifest those things coming from your desire. Learning all about the creation of abundance, passion, purpose, and intention is important to dig deep into if you want to get closer to the Creator, honing intuition and harnessing the energies all around. You need to adopt this outlook too if you desire to create your own spirit-led & driven business and mission. This is precisely what I am doing and things feel easier and easier! As of today, I learned, over the course of 20 years through deep, analytical research, documentaries, workshops, journaling, life experience, (both personally and professionally), that what I took in intellectually, ( following my “logic”), didn’t really work until I literally put the wisdom itself, into practice. Then, my eyes were totally opened up to the truth about myself and life’s purpose. Knowledge put into practice is wisdom. I learned to not just listen but to trust that quiet voice of God. That powerful, magical, holy spirit, through my intuition, which, as an intuitive empath, wasn’t much of a struggle to receive. I really practiced being grateful, while keeping my mind on the positive. I have to live this way for my own contentment and peace of mind. Moments of overthinking and getting stuck require going for walks, sitting in meditation, reflection and prayer, journaling, etc. Detoxifying is important to get that clear channel for energy flow and an opened, strong intuitive vessel to house that insightful energy. When we put spiritual things first and draw close to the Creator, everything else gets added to us and abundance is an obvious and natural part of this process. The REAL you begins to emerge! The way you feel in your skin is just simply so natural and so real.

I Realized That The Heart (Not Just the Mind) Has Powerful Intelligence to Manifest Desires

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When you study the intelligence of the heart, you realize how much power it has over your body and emotions. The heart’s intelligence is the magnet for attraction acting out in your life.
This is how we attract blessings and abundance… The heart! It completely radiates from the heart. You have to FEEL as though you already have that thing, are in that place, making that big kind of money, etc. Just as a small child loves to use dream and imagine. I realized this more and more as I meditated on it. There are powerful moments when I can feel this energy moving through me, and it’s coupled with so much emotion! But more than that, all those crazy synchronicities get going and it opens your eyes to things that you may have ignored. The heart has an intelligence that works for us. It works differently than the brain but the heart knows and understands the underlying things and the stuff that is unseen to the naked eye, reading between the lines within the invisible. The heart has wisdom. The heart is a trusted, authentic source. We can trust it’s messages. We connect to our heart intuitively. When I connect intimately with another in conversation, I can literally feel the heart connection grow out of that encounter because of the very nature of it. We use a lot of heart when involved in a personal, deep-felt talk. The heart illuminates and radiates outward. It’s vibrational, magnetic power works on the energy and spirit of love. The energy around us is an intelligent and conscious energy. It responds to intention just as water does. This tells us so much! It’s also part of the reason I am so inspired to do this work. I see life for the sacred, magical thing that it actually is. Because it really is when you use the spiritual eyes to see it. Letting go of fear and allowing it to just melt away from you feels amazing.  I have to be on purpose with it. I can’t allow myself to worry and overthink. Those fears and self-doubt can sabotage your dreams. I have to kill that inner critic.
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Stepping into who you are is so freeing and cleansing your spirit of all that past gunk is so inspiring! 

Accepting Spiritual Gifts

As I mentioned, my love affair with the divine and my strong intuitions began when I was a young girl. I had discovered, as I took some time for self-inquiry and deep, inner reflection, that I realized over time and now had to fully acknowledge, that I really do have a calling and this feeling had been compelling me forward to act for a very, very long time. This time around a year ago, this calling got stronger and more powerful inside my spirit. My intuition was going rapidly. I could not ignore it anymore. I feel fresh, new and my discernment has allowed myself to be free to expand.
Being an Empathic Introvert gives me strong inclinations for reflection and discernment. Being a free thinker, I am uniquely me and can see through any bullshit that comes my way!
All the years of research, soul study, and the wonderful coaching I received and studied as of late, really has been serving me well and has brought me to the place where I am today, right now, with you. I’m still nowhere near where I want to be, but a whole hell of a lot closer! Which is why Spirituality and Success are such important topics of discussion for me. Let’s live life! This is incredible and I have to literally work on it, on purpose with purpose! I am becoming me! I am being led by the spirit of the Creator and it’s pushing me into this. It’s as if I only had seen mini previews or glimpses of it in the far past and had an inkling about my future purpose and for the Creator’s will for me.

The Decision to Use the Power of  My Natural, Divinely given Gifts and Stepping into My Unique Self with Confidence

I am blessed with these gifts and know that it is through these divine giftings that I will be able to help other souls out there, like myself, that need what I have to provide inside of my heart and mind… and because I have come to a certain Spiritual maturity, the Creator is giving me the door with an opportunity to walk through it. I have the knowledge of education through active study and dedicated research but also the wisdom of actual experience! You have a strong, learned and insightful woman working on your behalf. I have dedicated myself to deep psychological and spiritual soul-searching that I often refer to as my “soul studies.” I have added to that purpose and decided that I must complete my mission by educating and coaching those who are like myself as Empath Introverts. I plan to continue to empower those to succeed and inspire empaths into becoming strong coaches and entrepreneurs as well, as I rise to do the same and share my experiences along the way for you to learn from. This is why I have created the Sacred Raven. I believe what the Messiah said about what we create, manifest and attract when he said, “Seek and You Shall Find”, “Knock and the Door Will be Open”, “Ask and You Shall Receive”. Step into who you fully want to be and what you want to be like. Move forward in the direction that is aligned with you. Speak your lived truths and experiences and just watch how tall you walk and how strong you feel. In closing, I would like you to know that whatever you can envision and imagine, that visualization that you created within your mind can be made manifest if only you are willing, able, capable with strength, resiliency, perseverance, and faith! I always wanted to have reassurance and would then get myself blocked with overthinking and overwhelm because I wanted such control! Unnecessary. Have faith. Life will open up to you. Just readjust. Make time for changes. You cannot control the future. This is a lifelong journey and it takes commitment. We need to use our intuition. Trust ourselves. Faith in yourself will take you to heights you never imagined yourself to be. I learned that you have got to Be Yourself and live totally authentically, in order for this life to reflect on what makes you happy. Visualize and magnetize so that you can build the reality that you are working so hard upon. As empath introverts, we have an advantage because we often turn inward and spend so much time within. We are gentle, insightful souls. We can close our eyes and see with full clarity, exactly the place where we most want to see ourselves. We have gifts that are needed during this day and age. I can see this and feel it more and more as I watch the events and goings on within our society. The world needs to know what we have so close to our hearts. We need to open up and share it. We possess a treasure trove of profound realizations and the special gift of being able to play with the universal energy for the use of healing others and for intuiting information that comes so easy for us but not so much for others. I have found all this to be true personally. We can also have profound and powerfully, insightful moments as we spend time in prayer and meditation or reflection.
I made some promises to myself this Summer that Will be made manifest and come to full power and fruition within the 12 months time, that I expect it too. My first big success mark will hit at the 90-day mark.
The misfit, old soul, black sheep, rebel loner within each of us will be changing the world in powerful ways. I feel it. This is our time. There’s no time to be shy and hide in safety as we often like to do. I want the world to see you. Through and through. As you are. Everything naked and transparent, ready to share. This is the will of our Creator for us. We are to use these innate, natural born, spiritual gifts of inspiration and strength. You may have heard this before. Consider how you are hearing it coming from me, as a sign from the angels telling you to reach out and open up. You are your own inspiration! You are your own muse! You have an ocean of wisdom within your heart. You are a vessel for spiritual energy that you can spread for healing in your own way.  It was an incredible moment when I realized this for myself. The simple act seemed like such an incredible feat! This is why I have created the Sacred Raven. After shedding the skin of the woman I was previously, and coming out of the dark night of the soul with an outlook that seemed so clear, getting the powerful synchronicity and intuitions that were growing in frequency and in measure, the messages that were coming from the Angels delivered straight from God, told me that I had to die to my old self. I had to make an evaluation of the past, critique it, writing in my journal and seeing the obvious being said over and over and now coming to a point where I have made a pledge to myself and a promise to this commitment while accepting the fact that all in the past has got to be let go. For good. I have been thankful for the coach I have had this year, who has helped me to see so much and change so much. Just studying for my masters certificate in coaching has helped me to change in ways that I had no idea was possible. I thought I already understood so much. I have been humbled for sure. So, dying to my past, refashioning my life and myself into someone new, I now feel called with potency to have created an avenue such as The Sacred Raven, an arena where I can teach and educate you all through my own spiritual awakening, speak about deep pain, empowering you to find the person  you are inside, pulling her ass out and creating your own beginning. I want to help you achieve your dreams and come out of the closet to awaken your greatness. Take some of the steps that I have personally taken to help you on that road and allow some room for clarity. Time is of the essence. Let’s do this shall we! Stay true, stay you. Namaste, my loves.     Are you interested in writing a post for this blog? Maybe even swapping to write pieces for one another’s blogs to add a new and fresh perspective and add variety? Maybe you would like to give any recommendations you that you may have about the site… please leave your name and email. It would be much appreciated. I would love to get any feedback. Thank You!