Under the Metaphysical Moon: The Black Super New Moon in Virgo

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for our biggest changes and challenges of the year so far! What seeds have you been planting? Whatever it was that you had been sowing, you are now going to reap! Hopefully, they were some damn good seeds!

Many of you will be experiencing the justices that you deserve, both good and bad, unfortunately. It all depends on how you were manifesting and how your clear your thinking has been up till now.

I give you my take on this Super New Moon and the astrology for the month with it while interpreting the tarot and oracle spreads that I laid out for insight into the month of September for those of you led to the podcast and who resonate and vibrate at my frequency.

Click the link below to view, stream, and or download. Enjoy the listen!

The Metaphysical Mystique: Under the Metaphysical Moon edition “The Super New Moon in Virgo”


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Creating the Spiritual Entrepreneur’s Lifestyle


What The August 15th Full Moon In Aquarius Means For Every …

From Discover on Google https://www.yourtango.com/2019326957/what-august-15-full-moon-aquarius-means-for-every-zodiac-signs-love-horoscope-according-astrology

The article above from Tango is a good start to get an idea of what you can expect to experience during this full moon in Aquarius transit.

This Aquarius Full Moon is a time when the truth comes out and with it comes a feeling that all has got to be remade. It’s time for a new spiritual makeover.

You will be also questioning your reality a lot more than you had previously with those thoughts about the universe and the overarching matrix of things.

Relationships will begin, others will die and others will take new form. It’s important to know that you’re self worth is in tact and you know what your boundaries are. Setting boundaries with others is a must but you also need to be setting those boundaries within yourself.

Ultimately, this is the time to live in the moment and explore. Take it easy and go about things step-by-step and get more mindful about the things you want to do with your life. Ask yourself what you want to incorporate into your life. What are your core values? What would you both live and die for? What honestly brings you joy and peace? Where does your contentment come from?

It’s really time to adventure into your inner world and explore your outer world as well. Follow the inner guidance you receive from spirit and get creative. Allow yourself to surrender to the great forces of passion and experience life from a whole different perspective and with fresh ideas about moving forward.

What do I do?

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Raising Your Vibration

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The Empath as Healer

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This quote was perfect for my article upon the Empath as the Wounded Healer. People who expect to be handed a full healing without doing the Soulwork have a rude awakening coming.

The ♋ Cancer New Moon🌛& Solar Eclipse⚡for July 2 2019 #EnergyUpdate & #IntuitiveReading

♋ Cancer New Moon 🌛 Solar Eclipse ⚡ Energy Update ⛮ ⚡ 🔮
New Moon🌛 Solar Eclipse⚡ Energy Update and Intuitive Reading! 🔮 🌟

We had a great time with our first Live episode of the Metaphysical Mystique (Under the Metaphysical Moon Live) pre show and premiere!

Join us for an amazing energy update discussion and the card pull with Intuitive Reading! 🔮 🌟


Excuse the ending! It was quite information packed and ended before I was completely ready but this is the picture of the set up that I was doing while I was in session with you all.

Today, take time to think about what you want for your life and walk away from all that you no longer need and all that is harmful to your growth and freedom. You have amazing potential and an opportunity to be successful in your life path… In whichever area you choose!