The 7 Biggest Traits of an Empath

The 7 Biggest Traits of an Empath

Empath’s tend to be loners and love being alone to get away from all the hustle and bustle of life that saps all the energy from them. When in hermit mode, they relax and recharge, so they are able to get back to themselves and come back out to the world refreshed

1. Self-Sacrificing

Empaths are the most self-sacrificing people on Earth, hands down! This is not exactly always a good thing, either. In fact, most times, it’s downright detrimental and dangerous to the empath themselves. This is because the empathic person does not think of themselves first. They cannot even relax until they feel that everyone around them has what they need and want, are then happy. But these needs and wants tend to mount and are endless.

It’s impossible to keep up and naive to think that they can make anyone truly happy and save them from themselves or life’s dangers. Only they can make themselves happy and the empath introvert needs to understand this. Otherwise, they continue to never get to take a look at their selves and will lose themselves in the process. Many don’t even know what they want in life for themselves.

It can be hard when these ideas are put into us since childhood. We carry them with us and most the time are quite proud of it because we think that being a martyr for others makes us saintly, that it makes us the good, dutiful person that mother & father had instilled within us. Many of us empaths were born as the eldest and because we behaved so well as a child, many responsibilities were placed upon us and that can make one grow up fast… too fast.

Anyhow, the idea of being self-sacrificing for the empath is their whole identity and to learn to be anything else can be very difficult but it’s vital. Learning to love one’s self truly and understanding the concept of self-care is one of the intuitive empath introvert’s greatest soul missions and life purpose’s.

2. Natural Hermits and Loners

Empaths find it very easy and very much enjoy spending time alone. Doing things alone is not something that they are afraid of. While others do not have that kind of confidence, the empath introvert has absolutely no problem going out and about alone and doing their own thing. They thrive off of this and this allows them time to delve into that curious and investigative mind that they behold.

Large crowds, long lines in the grocery store, packed traffic, etc. All these are only a few of the scenarios where there are too many people, lots of action and high stressful situations that can sap the empathic person of their energy! A long day out of running errands and having to face any one of these things can almost feel as though the individual can retreat for the next week in order to recharge!

It doesn’t always have to be high stress situations either. Even going a night on the town with friends, going out to clubs and spending a Friday night downtown can actually exhaust the empath as well! If you’re out with your empath friend, you may notice that they disappear from time to time into the bathroom stall or to go outside for fresh air and a few moments to breathe.


3. Highly Intuitive

An Empathic person is an extremely intuitive person, whether they know this or not. They may have even had fear over it sometime in their lives, because it can be so strong and so accurate.

The empath has been known and called to be human lie detectors. They can pick up on the most micro of expressions on the face of a person and are excellent at reading body language. Because the intuition is so powerful, they can literally feel the energy coming from the person and while reading things like body language along with this, they can damn near read the person’s mind. They know when someone is lying to them and are amazing with understanding others by having this ability to see through people and being able to read them so accurately.

Much of the intuitive impressions that come for the empath can manifest in a number of ways. Dreams are normally very lucid, vivid, and full of color. Emotions and symbolism can be quite powerful and it’s astonishing at how acute their vessels are for this spiritual information which hails from pure spirit. They are able to channel this energy and interpret it starting from a very young age but as they hone this ability and mature it, they can be unstoppable and many have intuited some of the most powerful pieces of music, writings, paintings and other works of art.

4. Spiritual & Pensive

Empaths are very thoughtful, insightful, inspirational and spiritual people. They first begin to display signs of this at a very young age. Many begin to show their spiritual gifts early on through friendship with animals, writing in journals as a practice from early on, having others come to them for solace, advice, and absolution when in pain, reading very powerful and strong spiritual and transformational books, being attracted to and creating art that represents metaphysical, sacred geometric and powerful for a person so young.

This essence about them does not leave in adulthood, but in fact can grow significantly. They may begin asking very deep questions about the political realms, digging into history and ancient mystery schools and societies. They don’t often follow the status quo concerning spirituality and their connection to spirit is often very misunderstood by most. This is because they are able to grasp the meatier subject material regarding these matters and have a natural love for meditating upon them. Insights seem to come out of nowhere and information that comes from spirit will hit like lightening flashes which only serves to deepen and enrich their colorful, inner lives which is very profound and comforting to them.

5. Old Souled with Strong Emotional Intelligence

Some of the most highly, emotionally mature and emotionally evolved people are empaths. They have an instinct for behaving in ways that reflects their ability to be very aware of the world around them. They are very honest and uphold ethical behaviors and their core values. Popularity and what seems to be trendy, does not matter to these old souls. They do not succumb to group think and will never act in a petty, trivial matter.

As old souls, empaths do not harbor ill feelings toward others and forgive very easily. This can make them very strong and easy to move forward. They are very real, down to earth and never compromise who they are for the sake of fitting in. Falseness, fakes, facades, superficiality and shallowness are all things that an empathetic, old soul despises. They believe in modesty, honesty, meekness and being humble. All of these attitudes and attributes are signs of a very emotionally intelligent and mature person who has no problem building relationships and keeping them.

6. Takes on the Emotions of Others

Empaths are often looked to as someone who can be counted upon when you need a listening ear or some saving in one way or another. If there is any suffering, an empath will literally feel and take that suffering onto them. These poeple understand and relate to others more than anyone else. They literally put themselves into your shoes and walk your walk along with you. They honestly care wholeheartedly.

If any pain or suffering is around, the empath wants to come in and heal it, make it better in some way. The injustices in the world can really take a toll upon their physical and emotional health because of the intense emotions they feel in regard to not having control over such suffering, such as that on the news. Watching the news can be very unhealthy for the empath because of not only their emotional involvement into it’s stories, but the low, vibrational frequencies that are given off from these media formats. ‘

These kinds of places for information, entertainment, etc. Are literally designed to put you in a state of constant fear and insecurity. They are meant to control your mind and decision making. Though empaths understand that there is a matrix to break free from, it still can frustrate them and depress them terribly if they feel that they cannot do something to attribute to humanity in some way. It’s very important that they are active in this way in one sense or another. Volunteering is an amazing place to start.

7. Ability to Feel and Read Energy in a Powerful Way

Empaths can feel the most subtle of energy forms. The energy that they come in contact with may not just be something they sense mentally but actually see, such as with auras around other people and beings like plants or animals.

Their bodies seem to be perfect vessels for housing the kinds of spiritual energy that allows them to harness and transmute that very energy into other forms such as through art, music, writing, and speaking, etc.

It’s this very energy that allows them to correctly identify what another person is really thinking and feeling, or how awkward the energy in a room might be. It’s the energy that gives them this radar that knows precisely whether or not someone is lying to them or whether their pet cat is unhappy or sick.

This is the same energetic, life force that has brought them into spiritual awakenings and transformations throughout their life and afforded them their powerful intuition and ability for gaining insights and seeing wisdom in things many people miss.

Either way, through whichever format in whatever given situation, the empathic introverted person uses their ability for feeling out energy in order to protect themselves and others from danger. They also use this same energy to educate and inspire. Just take a look around the mere 5% of the population that makes up these individuals… each are passionately loving, loyal, highly in-tuned, intensely in sync, immensely mindful of others and the one’s we look to as peace keepers, mediators, and powerful listeners who are earnest and sincere. Empaths are some of the most genuine people you will ever meet or have the luck to be around in your life.

The empath can zoom in on your feelings and really feel you energetically. Using energy in this way makes it very easy for an empath to understand you deeply. Because they receive this energy, like an antennae so easily, they really need to be cautious and careful because unwanted and toxic energies can not only gravitate toward them but remnants can be attached and stuck, which can effect their own physical and emotional health, making it hard for them to determine whether they are actually feeling their own emotional energy or another’s.

The empath has a love affair with music because of the natural high they receive from the energy and vibrations coming from the music. Their bodies will literally respond to the energy of the beat and melody of the music. They understand that music acts like a powerful spell because of the vibrations it carries. When a piece of music gets played that they resonate with on a physical, cellular level, the hair on their bodies will actually raise in response! This makes them excellent dancers and performers. They instinctively know and understand the way music works at a quantum energetic level. The same can be said with colors, food, etc.


In conclusion, it is very fair and safe to say that they empath is a powerful ally to have in one’s life whether it be personal or professional. This person is beyond loyal, holds to high standards and carries strong core values. They are never motivated by anything other than by love or higher good of all. These people are natural born healers and are loved by children and animals. They can sense that the empath is the person to get nurture and the feeling of safety from.

If you have an empath in your life, please remind them that while you appreciate and adore all they do for you and everyone else, they cannot save the world, they aren’t superwoman and that they need to start looking at themselves and caring for their neglected spirit. Often it is far too late in life when the empath finally turns to themselves and asks “what do I need or want?”. When they finally get there, however, it begins to open up an awakening and awareness process that truly leads the empath upon their own life’s purpose or soul’s mission.



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What Exactly Does Spiritual Entrepreneurship Mean?

What Exactly Does Spiritual Entrepreneurship Mean?

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What exactly does Spiritual Entrepreneurship mean? You’re thinking to yourself that you have never even heard of such a concept and that you’re not even sure if this kind of business realm is even something you want to participate in. After all, it’s not like you’re this huge religious person or anything.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship calls for taking spiritual principles and applying them to your life in business.

Good news… You do not have to be this all-consuming, religious person. That’s not what Spiritual Entrepreneurship is about. Think about it like this… You have a set of gifts that you were born with that make you unique. These traits make you, you. When you become one with these gifts and when you align yourself with the best of who you are when you are actively pursuing and using your special talents that once engaged with these, you feel so inspired and so enthusiastic! This is because you were and are actually meant to infuse these gifts by accomplishing your path. Taking these things that are special and different for you and implementing them with the way you’re doing work in the world through business is a good way of seeing how Spiritual Entrepreneurship works.

Growing a business that caters to the heart and brings love into this world is what you can call Spiritual Entrepreneurship.

Some of you do not know what these gifts are. You keep asking yourself, “how to find your passion?” Who are you and what things make you really lit on fire? You might have to take stock and do a little journaling. Taking just 10 minutes in the morning or at night just before bed can be the perfect way to reveal exactly what these passions are. Looking back upon your childhood and remembering those things that you loved to do can also reveal to you some things that can open you up. Grab some books, visit a few blogs and read a few articles… But always use your intuition. Your intuition is the way Holy Spirit/ the universe speaks to you.  Listen, listen, listen.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship calls for taking spiritual principles and applying them to your life in business. Understanding that each of has a message to bring out into the world. It’s about considering your core values and applying these to your life’s work. It’s about getting together with others to spread this message or do business using these values and principles and making certain that your tribe of fellow workers honestly understand your morals and values and what’s important to you in your business.

Having a clear understanding of what you stand for is very important. You must have a vision with a clear path set before you. Knowing who you are and what you believe in will attract the very people that you want to see in your personal life and those personalities that you want to do business with. Growing a business that caters to the heart and brings love into this world is what you can call Spiritual Entrepreneurship.

Jumping into things and listening to your intuition and really going for it can be one hell of a scary thing. Listening to holy spirit has always been scary for those that took the leap over the course of history. If they had not, many of us would not be who we are or maybe even exist! But you must keep your strength and wits about you and keep yourself inspired because you are creating something beautiful.

Spirit speaks to you because there’s a need in this world for what you are bringing forth and it can only be brought about because of your personal, beautiful, God-given gifts that are totally unique to you. Mixing these gifts that you will be honing, and putting them into place within your business life is the simplest way that I can tell you outright what spiritual entrepreneurship actually is. If this is the path that you’re looking to create for yourself, then I honestly cannot see why wouldn’t. Being the greatest of who we are and coming together with our selves to be connected to something more powerful can only take us to the greatest heights and bringing others along that ride with us. This is something very powerful.

Taking the path of involving your professional and personal life as a Spiritual Entrepreneur is your highest calling to life. Do it. Answer the call to life.

Below is a link to some very valuable books on Spiritual Entrepreneurship and become the greatest Spiritual Entrepreneur by figuring out exactly how to find your passion and using it for good.       

Important Reads on Spiritual Entrepreneurship

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10 Signs You Need To Take A Break ASAP Or Are Going To Burn Out

Empath introvert

Life purpose coaching for the introverted, Intuitive, Empath Entrepreneur

Empaths… My darling sensitive and intuitive ones… It’s so easy for us to get totally and chronically fatigued, low energy and burned out. Much of it due to care giver burn out.

Refresh yourself. For once, find a way to invest in your own health, business, success and more importantly, your life path and your desire to be successful with your own business that you can utilize to make your life easier and more freedom than you could ever, ever want! You deserve it and can do it.

If you’re interested in receiving an open, honest, genuine, authentic and professional, Soul Session with me to help you gain clarity and experience the breakthrough that you have been working on receiving for awhile and you’re yearn for, with serious hunger, a new life with passion and pursuits of wisdom and pure purpose for your inner peace and guidance but even more so, the ability to live your unique calling in the world. You can embrace your dreams. It takes courage, a growth mindset and big trust in your self and faith in spirit.

Email me for more information and details about your first session with me and I gladly will give you the details. Can’t wait to hear from you and, if I should not hear from you for whatever reason life brings, I hope you have a wonderful path ahead of you, that you live your dream and your life path is always full of joy.

How to Find Your Passion As An Aspiring Spiritual Entrepreneur: A Numerology Reading Can Guide You

How to Find Your Passion As An Aspiring Spiritual Entrepreneur: A Numerology Reading Can Guide You

You may not have understood this to be true in this past but the science of numbers and understanding them can powerfully change your life. Knowing that everything is energy and that everything carries a vibration, it’s easy to understand that numbers are a powerful form for that. When you consider the alphabet, we know that each letter also is a stand-in for numbers. For example, the letter “A” vibrates as the number one. How does Spiritual Entrepreneurship relate to all of this?

You might be asking yourself already, how does getting a numerology reading help you with how to find your passion? Well, when we begin to take a look at ourselves as the main source of wisdom when considering how we plan to find those clues that lead us to find your passion… You want to partake in anything that might reveal to you any insightful information that pertains to that.

I used to love doing any all personality tests, quizzes, I.Q. tests, etc. Anything that would hint at me exactly who I was and where I might be headed in life or what my personality type often attracts, etc. Some classes that had allowed me to update my dependable strengths and such, would often help guide me a little but it kept it sort of shallow in a sense. I wanted heavier and meatier ways of understanding who I was so that I could have it all settled in my head and know beyond the shadow of a doubt! However, nothing out there is going to that. But there are many ways that give so much insight, that it gives you enough information for you to play. So you can go out there, manifest and experiment a little.

I definitely suggest getting a numerology reading. No doubts about it. I remember having some of greatest books on this subject and it was one of the best tools for me that I would return to over and over. Once you have your reading as a reference guide, you tend to go back to it a lot. Each time you see it, you end up seeing something that you didn’t before and it is so helpful with opening up your intuition and allowing you to see yourself better. It’s so comprehensive that you kinda have to go back over and over. Each time, your insights about yourself simply get a little meatier than before. It’s great when you want to use this for time for self-analysis.

Using your numerology reading is an amazing way to compliment your Meyer-Briggs, color, spatial, emotional quotient test and any other personal profile system that you may be using as part of your “spiritual” portfolio. It’ll certainly help add an overall view, a wider look at the full spectrum of your desires, inclinations, special traits, quirks, abilities, etc.

When we think about the universal force of energy all around us and understand that our bodies are a universe within themselves and that our bodily temples too have an energetic system… We need to understand that our names, given over to use at birth add to this energetic system that is uniquely applied to each of us. Names are very important, as they provide for us a small look at the individual’s overall attitude and purpose. If you remember, in the bible, Yahweh changes the names of Abram and Sarai when their purposes change. They both then became Abraham and Sarah to depict their new realities. The numbers in a name provide clues to these energies and how they manifest themselves into the material world.

This is important when considering the name of your business. Understanding the importance of energy in the numbers of a name can really save you from choosing a name that doesn’t coincide with your own personal energy system and then totally fails you. Personally, I use a name generator online when even selecting the name of a site’s address on the web! Same with any username identification as well. I take it that seriously. This is because I know for a fact that when I am around numbers that do not resonate with me and my energy, everything that attracts seems to be all wrong.

The same is true when we sit to consider the very address to where you live! Currently, my apartment is a number is 154 which breaks down into a number one. My life path number is a one. For me, it denotes that the vibrations for that life path number are enhanced and it makes it perfect for me to partake with anything that might strengthen my individualism, or help in the area of leadership and business. It compliments numbers like 5 and 7 as well. Seven is regarded as a very introverted, reflective and spiritual number, great for investigation. While 5 denotes adventure, playfulness, flexibility, etc. Getting your full numerology reading report deepens all of this for you. It’s crazy how accurate this thing is! It really is. I’m telling you, that you’re going to be sitting with your cup of tea or even better, your glass of wine, curled up on the couch and sucked right in! Your numerology reading totally reveals every time period and aspect of your life.

Lastly, I would suggest considering the same for the physical address of your business. Consider the type of business you’re running and kind of energy that you want to promote and the type of energy that you want to see flowing. Adding a little feng shui to this would be an amazing coupling to literally direct the flow of moving energy throughout the building. This literally will determine the types of customers that you attract. Who do you want to see coming to pay a visit and do business with you? What are you trying to represent?

As a side note, your business phone number is also something to think about. How often your phone rings and the quality of the calls also get determined by your number sequence! It’s a little crazy, I know… But it truly works if you take the time out to do this. If you know anything about Glynnis McCant’s, “the number’s lady”… then you have heard all of this. She’s amazing! I grabbed her book back in 2004 when I first heard her show over the new Hayhouse radio when it was Wisdom radio back in the day and she had her podcasts all free. Her book, “Glynnis Has Your Number” is amazing!  She sheds light on numerology like no other. She has a style all her own and is so charismatic! I have been following her for years. (click the link if you’re interested in taking a look at her book.)

To wrap things up and wind down, I just could go on and on about this subject because understanding the energy of numbers is to provide so much insight into our Universe and it really opens me up to so much out there, including the mind of our Creator. It’s a beautiful thing. But most importantly, it’s such a useful tool to understanding you! You have a deep need to bring energy and liveliness to your life and desire to do so with your drive and your passions. You can do it. You will do it. You are an amazing soul and gifted beyond measure. It’s so important for you to realize that.

If you have your resume and have been meaning to update it because it hasn’t been updated in a few years… Use the numerology reading as a way to help with that. I used to refer to it all the time so that I could have some great wording and phrases to use within the qualifications portion of the resume.

As we journey through this together, I want you to know that I am a real person writing this and telling you that it’s my job, my duty and honor… but above all… it’s my passion to help you find your passion and purpose in life and happiness is in this cards for us all. There’s more than enough to around and this journey all on its own is a powerful thing! Remember, you are on this ride with me. I’m building myself up as I also help inspire you.

For today, go do a little research about yourself. Write some things down in your journal. Consider this homework for personal development. Let’s see where your numbers are and what they say about you. I’ll leave the link below and you can take a look for yourself.

As you may know, I’m an affiliate with Numerologist and so you also provide me the goodwill of allowing me an earning if you decide to go with a full, complete numerology reading after your free, crazy accurate beginning. Remember that this is my business too and I work ever so hard to provide you the best and will be greater and greater as we head on and you can follow along with me and I will be able to see how well you’re growing. I am excited to see you blossom. You are my muse! Your prayers are with me.

I love you! Thank you.






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7 Key Traits That May Prove You Are Fated to Become a Great Spiritual Entrepreneur

7 Key Traits That May Prove You Are Fated to Become a Great Spiritual Entrepreneur


Unless you have been buried somewhere all your life, most of us already know what it means to be an entrepreneur. You’ve seen the type. They’re savvy, forward-thinking, open-minded, enterprising, etc.

They often times possess charisma with an understanding of what people need or want and they set out to fill it. Possibilities are limitless for these individuals and where there’s a rule, they break it, where there are doors, they walk right through them. They see the grand picture and they go for it.

But… What does it mean to be a ‘Spiritual Entrepreneur’? What qualities do these individuals possess? What is it do they see as their own personal mission? It takes a special kind of individual with a set of personality traits and business savvy all their own to be called a spiritual entrepreneur. However, there are many out there and we’re seeing them come out in droves as the world cries out for these special people.

What about you? Are you seeking to create a conscious business? Do you want to change the world with that great idea, that insightful book, that healing product, your powerful coaching service, or that message of hope that might bring some meaning into another person’s life?

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 7 key traits that may prove you are fated to become a spiritual entrepreneur.


Spiritual Entrepreneurship is being refined and redefined each day. It’s a concept that is seemingly new and though an initial sense of it is there, each individual crafts the definition in terms of how they see it and the area of Spiritual healing work they are in.

1. Integrating our Personal and Professional Lives as One

Spiritual entrepreneurs understand that life cannot be boxed into separate sections, going from one to the next as though they aren’t related and don’t intersect. Such is the case with both personal and professional lives. These are 2 sides of the same coin. It’s damn near impossible to leave home what we bring to work and to leave at work, what we bring home. We are holistic beings mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We need to understand that balance in all areas is of utmost importance. Too much of anything on either side that creates an imbalance, causes life to be more difficult than many realize and it’s already an achievement to have it within our temples that we walk around in. Spiritual entrepreneurs understand this at an intellectual and intuitive level. We need to integrate and marry our professional and personal lives if we are to find balance.

2. Knowing What Their True Gifts Are and Utilizing Them for Their Purpose

People who pursue socially and spiritually conscious professions are keen on what their natural, God-given talents are and they make good use of these. Spiritual entrepreneurs possess passion and enthusiasm because they understand that they have a calling and a greater message that they are bringing into the world.  Even for those who haven’t fully clarified what their passions and purpose are, they still instinctively know that they are guided and feel and pull to pursue what these are by way of self-reflection, an activity that they often times find themselves engaged in.

3. Spiritual growth… Not perfection.

We are all in a constant cycle of growth and expansion. When one journey ends, another begins and so on. None of us are perfect and our not too friendly critics can go kiss it. We are not perfect and neither is there ever that picture perfect moment that you’ve been planning and waiting for. Spiritual entrepreneurs understand this really well. When the idea comes and opportunity strikes… Go for it! Create the circumstances that will open roads for you. When the spiritual entrepreneur sees a window, they leap and they don’t bog themselves down with frightening scenarios that could immobilize a person and strike fear into the individual before they ever even left the house! Once you realize that perfection cannot be achieved nor is it even important when measuring success, the more you’ll begin to understand that simply making the moves and getting started will carry you closer to your success. Spiritual entrepreneurs are people who love personal growth and development and lead often rich, inner lives.



4. Spiritual Entrepreneurs See Within Terms of Possibility… Not Scarcity.

Spiritual entrepreneurs carry an attitude of gratitude. They see all that they have and not what they don’t. They feel abundant. The logic of the glass is half full does not apply. They understand that to have a mindset that sees and feels only lack and scarcity is to doom themselves before they ever get started. Sadly, many of us have been raised and live in a society where this thought process is prevalent. Companies take advantage of this every day by telling you that you are not complete without having this or getting that and maybe achieving this…etc. Markets like the Health and Beauty industries make billions every year because of this fact. People don’t feel pretty enough, rich enough, thin enough, smart enough, blah, blah, blah. Spiritual entrepreneurs operate from the frame of reference that we live in a giving universe. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door will be open. What you seek, you will find. All you have to do is make the simple decision to do so.

5.  They Focus On the Vision. The Details Will Come. Belief is Key.

Spiritual entrepreneurs have a deep connection with the divine. That connection has proven itself time and again. Therefore, these individuals have faith that their mission, vision, and or message will be birthed and that the messy details will come second to that. Because they understand their vision to be coming from a place that is higher than we are and is of spirit, they know that it will be realized. Believing in yourself to create anything takes this approach. Jesus said that faith as tiny as a mustard seed, can grow and literally move mountains. Spiritual entrepreneurs make things happen as they feel them intuitively through their relationship and connection with something greater than we are and they feel it dwell within their heart. Life starts calling and they answer it.



6. Spiritual Entrepreneurs Take Risks and Aren’t Afraid to Fail

These mindful and charismatic leaders understand something very important if anyone wants to achieve something big. That’s risking the very real chances of failing.

The fear of failure grips most of us. We don’t want to be humiliated in front others. We don’t want to look as though we never knew what we were doing. Looking foolish is a powerful and paralyzing fear that has most certainly kept the best of us from pursuing something really great that just might have been the catalyst for real change and inspiration into people’s lives.

Spiritual entrepreneurs understand that the mission they are on is bigger than they are. A failure or even two won’t cast them aside. They look at it as an opportunity to learn a great lesson. Remember what Thomas Edison had said after he finally achieved the creation of the light bulb. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison. As far as a spiritual entrepreneur sees it, they cannot afford to think otherwise. The vision will die with the perceived failure and that’s not something they are willing to let happen. If the vision dies, then the powerful energy of the mission that could have been there to help countless others… will not exist. That’s a ripple effect that must not be lost because of fear.

7.  Intuition is a Powerful Guidance System.

Spiritual entrepreneurs lead themselves and see with their inner eyes. They listen for, feel out, are opened to and intuned with their sensitive antennae. Taking time for moments of reflection, self-analysis, meditation to clear the cluttered mind and most likely journaling, are important measures that are taken daily so that they might recharge and receive any insight as to what course of action might be the best.

Intuition is the divine guidance system that they have developed powerfully over time. Spiritual entrepreneurs understand and look out for messages sent from above through synchronistic events that often occur around them. They know that the angels are at play in their lives. They involve themselves in deep prayer that is more often than not, a continued conversation with the divine. Whether going for a walk, eating a meal, doing some shopping… Spiritual entrepreneurs are connected with their critical minds but more importantly, their inner eyes. They see past the mundane and the physical world and get wisdom only a few ever manage to collect over the course of a lifetime.

How to Find Your Passion
 Manifest your Best Life. Become a Spiritual Entrepreneur and change the lives of those you love and the lives of people that you want to inspire 
Manifestation Miracle

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