Could You Be Clairaudient?

Just wanted to share the link to this article that refers to one of the 4 clairs… Clairaudience!

Read the Pinterest pin that lists the symptoms of the possibility that you may be able to broaden your physical and even spiritual senses.

Anyhow, this energy that we’re experiencing is not the same. Something feels different.

Go ahead and read this article and let me know if you are also experiencing any of these symptoms?

I am! I think it’s been happening to me since at least November 2017! And this particular transformation is the most surreal thing I have ever seen. Very interesting. Highly potent energies.

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As you may know, I happen to be a vessel and Healer that works as a spiritual business coach and I work mostly with sensitive Intuitives, creative introvert types.

As a consultant for business professionals who are seeking life’s purpose. I provide my own Intuitive Advisory coaching services for the most difficult but profound emotional experiences.

My Intuitive ability has come back with a strong understanding of the Soul and soul work. I went through many transitions and transformations but this one that has turned into a new spiritual journey for me has been proven to be a very beautiful and wonderful thing.

If you are in need of a professional that has gone through the very same process, problems, or series of past pains and has the education and experience of having been coached by a Empowerment coach in a Spiritpreneur program, then you have come to the right place. No doubt, spirit has brought you to me.

You may contact me by email at my email address below. We can sort out the details and see what will work best for you.

Thank You


Jamie A Jacobson

The Sacred Raven | Spiritual Influencer | Soulwork Intuitive

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