Emotional Freedom for the Intuitive Empath

It doesn’t take long for those of us considered highly sensitive or empathic to burn out emotionally and become drained. Maybe even experience emotional pain from the narcissistic abuses of those supposedly closest to us. Many of you are simply overwhelmed by the insanities of life and overburdened with incredible and increasing responsibilities of family, friends and colleagues who demand much of your time and generous efforts.

It’s difficult and never easy to find yourself among these places in life. You can’t run away. You still have to face your problems and handle those responsibilities that have been placed upon your.

However, you do have control over how you personally deal with your issues and you have full control over how you choose to see your position in life.

Self Love and care are ultimate when you are a sensitive. Your emotions can make or break you. You must take care of yourself and pay close attention to your adrenal glands, thyroid and your overall endocrine system with issues that often arise from your digestion.

Keep your diet light and drink lots of water. Stay away from enriched rices and foods with gluten. Dairy products are not the best to eat when you are trying to preserve your health, either. Watch the salt and sodium intake. Mind your sugar intake as well.

Keep your spirits up with creativity, and allow your inner child to run rampant. Write in your journal often. Listen to music that compels you to get into a meditative state of mind and be grateful, gracious and loving. Seeking the truth and carrying your dignity. Knowing your core values.

Set those boundaries and make sure that you are firm. Say no and be assertive! Stay confident and dont let your thoughts carry you away into paralysis analysis.

Take your walks each day and be sure to detox your body, mind and spirit through keeping a clean and cleared home with a sacred space to go to for relaxation. Be strict about the people who are around you. Keeping those energy vampires at bay.

Do the things that you love! Pat yourselves on the back for jobs well done and treat yourselves to something wonderful. Make your self worth your life and walk your talk.

Emotional freedom comes with responsibility. Stick with your plans. Create a manifesto for your life. Respect the person you are. Know that you are very special and you are a child of God with incredible spiritual gifts that are unlike any other.

Below is an article discussing 5 ways to care for yourself emotionally. I suggest that you take a look.

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