How to Find Your Passion As An Aspiring Spiritual Entrepreneur: A Numerology Reading Can Guide You

You may not have understood this to be true in this past but the science of numbers and understanding them can powerfully change your life. Knowing that everything is energy and that everything carries a vibration, it’s easy to understand that numbers are a powerful form for that. When you consider the alphabet, we know that each letter also is a stand-in for numbers. For example, the letter “A” vibrates as the number one. How does Spiritual Entrepreneurship relate to all of this?

You might be asking yourself already, how does getting a numerology reading help you with how to find your passion? Well, when we begin to take a look at ourselves as the main source of wisdom when considering how we plan to find those clues that lead us to find your passion… You want to partake in anything that might reveal to you any insightful information that pertains to that.

I used to love doing any all personality tests, quizzes, I.Q. tests, etc. Anything that would hint at me exactly who I was and where I might be headed in life or what my personality type often attracts, etc. Some classes that had allowed me to update my dependable strengths and such, would often help guide me a little but it kept it sort of shallow in a sense. I wanted heavier and meatier ways of understanding who I was so that I could have it all settled in my head and know beyond the shadow of a doubt! However, nothing out there is going to that. But there are many ways that give so much insight, that it gives you enough information for you to play. So you can go out there, manifest and experiment a little.

I definitely suggest getting a numerology reading. No doubts about it. I remember having some of greatest books on this subject and it was one of the best tools for me that I would return to over and over. Once you have your reading as a reference guide, you tend to go back to it a lot. Each time you see it, you end up seeing something that you didn’t before and it is so helpful with opening up your intuition and allowing you to see yourself better. It’s so comprehensive that you kinda have to go back over and over. Each time, your insights about yourself simply get a little meatier than before. It’s great when you want to use this for time for self-analysis.

Using your numerology reading is an amazing way to compliment your Meyer-Briggs, color, spatial, emotional quotient test and any other personal profile system that you may be using as part of your “spiritual” portfolio. It’ll certainly help add an overall view, a wider look at the full spectrum of your desires, inclinations, special traits, quirks, abilities, etc.

When we think about the universal force of energy all around us and understand that our bodies are a universe within themselves and that our bodily temples too have an energetic system… We need to understand that our names, given over to use at birth add to this energetic system that is uniquely applied to each of us. Names are very important, as they provide for us a small look at the individual’s overall attitude and purpose. If you remember, in the bible, Yahweh changes the names of Abram and Sarai when their purposes change. They both then became Abraham and Sarah to depict their new realities. The numbers in a name provide clues to these energies and how they manifest themselves into the material world.

This is important when considering the name of your business. Understanding the importance of energy in the numbers of a name can really save you from choosing a name that doesn’t coincide with your own personal energy system and then totally fails you. Personally, I use a name generator online when even selecting the name of a site’s address on the web! Same with any username identification as well. I take it that seriously. This is because I know for a fact that when I am around numbers that do not resonate with me and my energy, everything that attracts seems to be all wrong.

The same is true when we sit to consider the very address to where you live! Currently, my apartment is a number is 154 which breaks down into a number one. My life path number is a one. For me, it denotes that the vibrations for that life path number are enhanced and it makes it perfect for me to partake with anything that might strengthen my individualism, or help in the area of leadership and business. It compliments numbers like 5 and 7 as well. Seven is regarded as a very introverted, reflective and spiritual number, great for investigation. While 5 denotes adventure, playfulness, flexibility, etc. Getting your full numerology reading report deepens all of this for you. It’s crazy how accurate this thing is! It really is. I’m telling you, that you’re going to be sitting with your cup of tea or even better, your glass of wine, curled up on the couch and sucked right in! Your numerology reading totally reveals every time period and aspect of your life.

Lastly, I would suggest considering the same for the physical address of your business. Consider the type of business you’re running and kind of energy that you want to promote and the type of energy that you want to see flowing. Adding a little feng shui to this would be an amazing coupling to literally direct the flow of moving energy throughout the building. This literally will determine the types of customers that you attract. Who do you want to see coming to pay a visit and do business with you? What are you trying to represent?

As a side note, your business phone number is also something to think about. How often your phone rings and the quality of the calls also get determined by your number sequence! It’s a little crazy, I know… But it truly works if you take the time out to do this. If you know anything about Glynnis McCant’s, “the number’s lady”… then you have heard all of this. She’s amazing! I grabbed her book back in 2004 when I first heard her show over the new Hayhouse radio when it was Wisdom radio back in the day and she had her podcasts all free. Her book, “Glynnis Has Your Number” is amazing!  She sheds light on numerology like no other. She has a style all her own and is so charismatic! I have been following her for years. (click the link if you’re interested in taking a look at her book.)

To wrap things up and wind down, I just could go on and on about this subject because understanding the energy of numbers is to provide so much insight into our Universe and it really opens me up to so much out there, including the mind of our Creator. It’s a beautiful thing. But most importantly, it’s such a useful tool to understanding you! You have a deep need to bring energy and liveliness to your life and desire to do so with your drive and your passions. You can do it. You will do it. You are an amazing soul and gifted beyond measure. It’s so important for you to realize that.

If you have your resume and have been meaning to update it because it hasn’t been updated in a few years… Use the numerology reading as a way to help with that. I used to refer to it all the time so that I could have some great wording and phrases to use within the qualifications portion of the resume.

As we journey through this together, I want you to know that I am a real person writing this and telling you that it’s my job, my duty and honor… but above all… it’s my passion to help you find your passion and purpose in life and happiness is in this cards for us all. There’s more than enough to around and this journey all on its own is a powerful thing! Remember, you are on this ride with me. I’m building myself up as I also help inspire you.

For today, go do a little research about yourself. Write some things down in your journal. Consider this homework for personal development. Let’s see where your numbers are and what they say about you. I’ll leave the link below and you can take a look for yourself.

As you may know, I’m an affiliate with Numerologist and so you also provide me the goodwill of allowing me an earning if you decide to go with a full, complete numerology reading after your free, crazy accurate beginning. Remember that this is my business too and I work ever so hard to provide you the best and will be greater and greater as we head on and you can follow along with me and I will be able to see how well you’re growing. I am excited to see you blossom. You are my muse! Your prayers are with me.

I love you! Thank you.








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