It’s Not Their Prerogative! Period!

As the old souled, introverted, Intuitive and sensitive personality that you happen to be, there’s going to be a string of nay sayers and vampiric, energy thieves who have it in them to make it priority to smear your name and cause wreaking havoc. Don’t allow them to place this Scarlett Letter upon your!

Energy will flow, precisely where your attention does go… Therefore, do not hesitate to look the other way and turn the other cheek because you have things to accomplish. You have truths to unravel. You have things to reveal about your life. There’s no place for this madness within your life.

You are on a path and a frequency that is nowhere near theirs. These kinds of people who never act upon anything and never actually seek anything themselves but only passively accept information given over to them that’s second hand. They are critiquing something about you that they haven’t the slightest knowledge of.

Never be concerned with what another individual or individuals have to say about your choices, your path, your road and the things you have personally felt, seen and explored.

This is your life path and you are on a journey that is full of spiritual freedom and emotional healing with the liberation of authenticity. You are listening to life and answering a call.

What’s more, is that you are actually creating something beautiful for yourself and others. You are a light and an awesome inspiration for others to see and experience as a witness for something greater. Your inner child is winning this one.

Never let those narcissistic, energy killers to take your peace and steal your mindful space. You are a creative and powerful leader who can provide so much to others right now. The only thing that can hold you back, is your limiting beliefs about yourself and your ability to create your business. This is your life’s work and what anyone thinks about it means nothin.

It only matters how you see yourself and how you feel about your new life that is blossoming in abundance. You possess that ability to see the magic of the world while sharing your dreams and getting your thoughts together in order to provide the necessary truths and insight that uplifts, strengthens and builds.

It’s not their business what you are doing. This is your calling.

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