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Have you ever wondered how numerology could change your life? Do you know why you oftentimes see those repeating numbers in your dreams? Are you curious how a numerology reading could show you where your genius lies and how to find your passions with them? Curious to what the 3 most important reasons for the use of numerology are? Read Up…

Numerology in History

The history of numerology is a fascinating one. Much mystery surrounds the origins of this science in ancient history, as most things that date back to those times are. I personally believe that much of our origins, sciences, the antediluvian history, mythologies, and philosophies, etc.. were burned up in the Alexandrian library during Cleopatra’s reign when she was up against Rome. It’s said that she drew tears over it demise and I don’t blame her. I would have too. Imagine waking up tomorrow to find out that 3 quarters of the earth’s knowledge was scrubbed from the internet! We’ll never know what treasures were burned to ashes and numerology had quite a rich history, I’m sure. The earliest numerology can be traced, is back to was in the ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek and Roman times. It was even used in China and Japan!

Pythagoras, who was a mathematician of Greek origin, is thought to be the father of modern numerology. History doesn’t tell us whether he actually invented the new system. It was because of some theories he had surrounding numerology and the place that numbers have in the universe that left people thinking that maybe he did, in fact, invent it. His theories are the reason that he is given credit for the modern version of this science. Although, it’s current massive popularity and it’s strong place within popular culture for our postmodern times have been due to the works of Dr. Julian Stenton. Stenton is credited to actually coining the term “numerology” and without his works, we may not have gotten this far along with our knowledge of the science.

How Numerology Works

When applied to a person, numerology looks at the person’s birth given name and birth dates. Much can be told by looking over and counting all numbers that stem from each of our letters within the alphabet. A being #1, B is # 2, C is #3, etc. and so on. The most important number is called our Life Path number. We get that by adding up all letters within our birth date. Think of our Life Path as being similar to the sun signs in the zodiac.

Numerology also looks at counting only the vowels and solely the consonants by bringing totals down to a single digit and coming up with Soul Urge, Destiny, and Personality numbers. These are in addition to the Life Path’s number which helps to detail, outline and customizes a person’s reading and profile. Expression numbers, Core numbers, Karmic number, challenge numbers are all part of a person’s overall numerology reading and birth report. There are some master numbers in the field of Numerology, which are 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, and so on. We don’t break masters to a single digit, although you could use that single digit for added information to receive any extra needed insight.

This is an energetic universe, made up of vibrations that attract as well as detract things. Behind every alphabet letter is a number and that number is no different than the vibrations of a musical note. I think of a guitar being played and strummed. The vibrations flow out each time the player picks ay the cords. Numbers are connected to the energy that reflects that number. If you look a little closer at the life around you from day to day, you might notice this.

Sometimes there are numbers that many of us will notice “following us” around at various times. You’ll see them on the clock, buses, addresses, your dreams… It is said that they may be your angels and guides who are trying to signal a message out to you. Many people are familiar with the famous numbers 11:11. However, there are plenty others that come out in sequences to give you a message.

111 is one that I have been seeing often for 6 months. Same as 1010, 101, etc. 111 means that you are on the right track and not to worry. It’s asking for you to look around and take note of the moment because you are headed in the right direction.

444 is another set of those often seen. Some will say that these are also trying to let you know that you have angels and guides that are near and dear and will help you… However, think about the vibrations and the energies of the number 4 and intensify it by 3 times. It’s asking that your home and family matters get some of your attention.

Not all the time are they showing up in 3’s. Sometimes, like in my 1010 example, you’ll see them showing up in variations. Keeping a journal really helps to keep track of any pattern. When you notice the patterns, it’ll jolt you a bit. It gets a little freaky at times. But it proves just how powerful energy is and what you may be attracting based upon your thoughts and/or emotions.


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Three Important Reasons to Use Numerology

Three important examples as to why it’s highly suggested that you incorporate numerology into your life, and getting serious by using a numerology reading or birth report as a way to help you navigate are:

  1. Foreseeing troubles within your closest and most important relationships
  2. Having to make the tough decisions and avoiding obstacles in life that very well may have set you back and by means of understanding who you are to better understand yourself when particular situations arise
  3. Seeking out a much more meaningful way of life through your career avenues and having the insight as to what those paths could look like without guessing along the way and stealing precious life moments away.

Understanding a science like numerology can be a turn off for some loyal, religious people. If they understood what numerology actually was, they would change their outlook. It’s what a person does with the science that counts. How its used is just as important as how any medicine, science, or even a discipline gets used. Numerology is an amazing way to provide insights into our cosmos and a way to get a glimpse of our Creator’s grand mind.  Knowing how the universe works, intuitively lend us a look at how our bodies work because these temples that we walk around in as vessels to carry out our energy are but a reflection of the outer, grander universe and has a deep impact upon your life.

Keep aware and open your mind up to the numbers all around you and watch these things in action. See the difference of energies from one building to another, from your home versus another’s home… Get a look at your phone number, social security, employee I.D., etc. These numbers have a way of hanging around us and can open many doors for your life by understanding what they all mean for you personally, professionally and most importantly on a very profound level spiritually.

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