The ♋ Cancer New Moon🌛& Solar Eclipse⚡for July 2 2019 #EnergyUpdate & #IntuitiveReading

♋ Cancer New Moon 🌛 Solar Eclipse ⚡ Energy Update ⛮ ⚡ 🔮
New Moon🌛 Solar Eclipse⚡ Energy Update and Intuitive Reading! 🔮 🌟

We had a great time with our first Live episode of the Metaphysical Mystique (Under the Metaphysical Moon Live) pre show and premiere!

Join us for an amazing energy update discussion and the card pull with Intuitive Reading! 🔮 🌟

Excuse the ending! It was quite information packed and ended before I was completely ready but this is the picture of the set up that I was doing while I was in session with you all.

Today, take time to think about what you want for your life and walk away from all that you no longer need and all that is harmful to your growth and freedom. You have amazing potential and an opportunity to be successful in your life path… In whichever area you choose!


Engage! What Are Your Thoughts?