The 7 Biggest Traits of an Empath

Empath’s tend to be loners and love being alone to get away from all the hustle and bustle of life that saps all the energy from them. When in hermit mode, they relax and recharge, so they are able to get back to themselves and come back out to the world refreshed

1. Self-Sacrificing

Empaths are the most self-sacrificing people on Earth, hands down! This is not exactly always a good thing, either. In fact, most times, it’s downright detrimental and dangerous to the empath themselves. This is because the empathic person does not think of themselves first. They cannot even relax until they feel that everyone around them has what they need and want, are then happy. But these needs and wants tend to mount and are endless.

It’s impossible to keep up and naive to think that they can make anyone truly happy and save them from themselves or life’s dangers. Only they can make themselves happy and the empath introvert needs to understand this. Otherwise, they continue to never get to take a look at their selves and will lose themselves in the process. Many don’t even know what they want in life for themselves.

It can be hard when these ideas are put into us since childhood. We carry them with us and most the time are quite proud of it because we think that being a martyr for others makes us saintly, that it makes us the good, dutiful person that mother & father had instilled within us. Many of us empaths were born as the eldest and because we behaved so well as a child, many responsibilities were placed upon us and that can make one grow up fast… too fast.

Anyhow, the idea of being self-sacrificing for the empath is their whole identity and to learn to be anything else can be very difficult but it’s vital. Learning to love one’s self truly and understanding the concept of self-care is one of the intuitive empath introvert’s greatest soul missions and life purpose’s.

2. Natural Hermits and Loners

Empaths find it very easy and very much enjoy spending time alone. Doing things alone is not something that they are afraid of. While others do not have that kind of confidence, the empath introvert has absolutely no problem going out and about alone and doing their own thing. They thrive off of this and this allows them time to delve into that curious and investigative mind that they behold.

Large crowds, long lines in the grocery store, packed traffic, etc. All these are only a few of the scenarios where there are too many people, lots of action and high stressful situations that can sap the empathic person of their energy! A long day out of running errands and having to face any one of these things can almost feel as though the individual can retreat for the next week in order to recharge!

It doesn’t always have to be high stress situations either. Even going a night on the town with friends, going out to clubs and spending a Friday night downtown can actually exhaust the empath as well! If you’re out with your empath friend, you may notice that they disappear from time to time into the bathroom stall or to go outside for fresh air and a few moments to breathe.


3. Highly Intuitive

An Empathic person is an extremely intuitive person, whether they know this or not. They may have even had fear over it sometime in their lives, because it can be so strong and so accurate.

The empath has been known and called to be human lie detectors. They can pick up on the most micro of expressions on the face of a person and are excellent at reading body language. Because the intuition is so powerful, they can literally feel the energy coming from the person and while reading things like body language along with this, they can damn near read the person’s mind. They know when someone is lying to them and are amazing with understanding others by having this ability to see through people and being able to read them so accurately.

Much of the intuitive impressions that come for the empath can manifest in a number of ways. Dreams are normally very lucid, vivid, and full of color. Emotions and symbolism can be quite powerful and it’s astonishing at how acute their vessels are for this spiritual information which hails from pure spirit. They are able to channel this energy and interpret it starting from a very young age but as they hone this ability and mature it, they can be unstoppable and many have intuited some of the most powerful pieces of music, writings, paintings and other works of art.

4. Spiritual & Pensive

Empaths are very thoughtful, insightful, inspirational and spiritual people. They first begin to display signs of this at a very young age. Many begin to show their spiritual gifts early on through friendship with animals, writing in journals as a practice from early on, having others come to them for solace, advice, and absolution when in pain, reading very powerful and strong spiritual and transformational books, being attracted to and creating art that represents metaphysical, sacred geometric and powerful for a person so young.

This essence about them does not leave in adulthood, but in fact can grow significantly. They may begin asking very deep questions about the political realms, digging into history and ancient mystery schools and societies. They don’t often follow the status quo concerning spirituality and their connection to spirit is often very misunderstood by most. This is because they are able to grasp the meatier subject material regarding these matters and have a natural love for meditating upon them. Insights seem to come out of nowhere and information that comes from spirit will hit like lightening flashes which only serves to deepen and enrich their colorful, inner lives which is very profound and comforting to them.

5. Old Souled with Strong Emotional Intelligence

Some of the most highly, emotionally mature and emotionally evolved people are empaths. They have an instinct for behaving in ways that reflects their ability to be very aware of the world around them. They are very honest and uphold ethical behaviors and their core values. Popularity and what seems to be trendy, does not matter to these old souls. They do not succumb to group think and will never act in a petty, trivial matter.

As old souls, empaths do not harbor ill feelings toward others and forgive very easily. This can make them very strong and easy to move forward. They are very real, down to earth and never compromise who they are for the sake of fitting in. Falseness, fakes, facades, superficiality and shallowness are all things that an empathetic, old soul despises. They believe in modesty, honesty, meekness and being humble. All of these attitudes and attributes are signs of a very emotionally intelligent and mature person who has no problem building relationships and keeping them.

6. Takes on the Emotions of Others

Empaths are often looked to as someone who can be counted upon when you need a listening ear or some saving in one way or another. If there is any suffering, an empath will literally feel and take that suffering onto them. These poeple understand and relate to others more than anyone else. They literally put themselves into your shoes and walk your walk along with you. They honestly care wholeheartedly.

If any pain or suffering is around, the empath wants to come in and heal it, make it better in some way. The injustices in the world can really take a toll upon their physical and emotional health because of the intense emotions they feel in regard to not having control over such suffering, such as that on the news. Watching the news can be very unhealthy for the empath because of not only their emotional involvement into it’s stories, but the low, vibrational frequencies that are given off from these media formats. ‘

These kinds of places for information, entertainment, etc. Are literally designed to put you in a state of constant fear and insecurity. They are meant to control your mind and decision making. Though empaths understand that there is a matrix to break free from, it still can frustrate them and depress them terribly if they feel that they cannot do something to attribute to humanity in some way. It’s very important that they are active in this way in one sense or another. Volunteering is an amazing place to start.

7. Ability to Feel and Read Energy in a Powerful Way

Empaths can feel the most subtle of energy forms. The energy that they come in contact with may not just be something they sense mentally but actually see, such as with auras around other people and beings like plants or animals.

Their bodies seem to be perfect vessels for housing the kinds of spiritual energy that allows them to harness and transmute that very energy into other forms such as through art, music, writing, and speaking, etc.

It’s this very energy that allows them to correctly identify what another person is really thinking and feeling, or how awkward the energy in a room might be. It’s the energy that gives them this radar that knows precisely whether or not someone is lying to them or whether their pet cat is unhappy or sick.

This is the same energetic, life force that has brought them into spiritual awakenings and transformations throughout their life and afforded them their powerful intuition and ability for gaining insights and seeing wisdom in things many people miss.

Either way, through whichever format in whatever given situation, the empathic introverted person uses their ability for feeling out energy in order to protect themselves and others from danger. They also use this same energy to educate and inspire. Just take a look around the mere 5% of the population that makes up these individuals… each are passionately loving, loyal, highly in-tuned, intensely in sync, immensely mindful of others and the one’s we look to as peace keepers, mediators, and powerful listeners who are earnest and sincere. Empaths are some of the most genuine people you will ever meet or have the luck to be around in your life.

The empath can zoom in on your feelings and really feel you energetically. Using energy in this way makes it very easy for an empath to understand you deeply. Because they receive this energy, like an antennae so easily, they really need to be cautious and careful because unwanted and toxic energies can not only gravitate toward them but remnants can be attached and stuck, which can effect their own physical and emotional health, making it hard for them to determine whether they are actually feeling their own emotional energy or another’s.

The empath has a love affair with music because of the natural high they receive from the energy and vibrations coming from the music. Their bodies will literally respond to the energy of the beat and melody of the music. They understand that music acts like a powerful spell because of the vibrations it carries. When a piece of music gets played that they resonate with on a physical, cellular level, the hair on their bodies will actually raise in response! This makes them excellent dancers and performers. They instinctively know and understand the way music works at a quantum energetic level. The same can be said with colors, food, etc.


In conclusion, it is very fair and safe to say that they empath is a powerful ally to have in one’s life whether it be personal or professional. This person is beyond loyal, holds to high standards and carries strong core values. They are never motivated by anything other than by love or higher good of all. These people are natural born healers and are loved by children and animals. They can sense that the empath is the person to get nurture and the feeling of safety from.

If you have an empath in your life, please remind them that while you appreciate and adore all they do for you and everyone else, they cannot save the world, they aren’t superwoman and that they need to start looking at themselves and caring for their neglected spirit. Often it is far too late in life when the empath finally turns to themselves and asks “what do I need or want?”. When they finally get there, however, it begins to open up an awakening and awareness process that truly leads the empath upon their own life’s purpose or soul’s mission.



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  1. Being mature, I’ve noticed that you have used only photos of young 14th generation’s gothic & 65th generation’s fairy-like beautiful models to represent Feminine Spirits.
    I look in the mirror at the me I can see.
    I dress to suit her and she smiles knowingly.
    Personas are useful as I play out each part.
    Maturity’s wisdom, I console my young heart.
    Sibyl X

    1. I actually would’ve liked to have had much more to choose from..unfortunately, when using pexels ,under specific search terms, they are quite generic and few in their choices. I decided to go for vibe instead, with what little I found. Unfortunately, we’re in a time where people are all too happy to sue over an image or use of video footage. Eventually,.. If my blog brings in enough, I can pay $250/mo for wide ranges of stock video and photographs

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