Under the Metaphysical Moon: The Black Super New Moon in Virgo

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for our biggest changes and challenges of the year so far! What seeds have you been planting? Whatever it was that you had been sowing, you are now going to reap! Hopefully, they were some damn good seeds!

Many of you will be experiencing the justices that you deserve, both good and bad, unfortunately. It all depends on how you were manifesting and how your clear your thinking has been up till now.

I give you my take on this Super New Moon and the astrology for the month with it while interpreting the tarot and oracle spreads that I laid out for insight into the month of September for those of you led to the podcast and who resonate and vibrate at my frequency.

Click the link below to view, stream, and or download. Enjoy the listen!

The Metaphysical Mystique: Under the Metaphysical Moon edition “The Super New Moon in Virgo”


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