What Exactly Does Spiritual Entrepreneurship Mean?

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What exactly does Spiritual Entrepreneurship mean? You’re thinking to yourself that you have never even heard of such a concept and that you’re not even sure if this kind of business realm is even something you want to participate in. After all, it’s not like you’re this huge religious person or anything.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship calls for taking spiritual principles and applying them to your life in business.

Good news… You do not have to be this all-consuming, religious person. That’s not what Spiritual Entrepreneurship is about. Think about it like this… You have a set of gifts that you were born with that make you unique. These traits make you, you. When you become one with these gifts and when you align yourself with the best of who you are when you are actively pursuing and using your special talents that once engaged with these, you feel so inspired and so enthusiastic! This is because you were and are actually meant to infuse these gifts by accomplishing your path. Taking these things that are special and different for you and implementing them with the way you’re doing work in the world through business is a good way of seeing how Spiritual Entrepreneurship works.

Growing a business that caters to the heart and brings love into this world is what you can call Spiritual Entrepreneurship.

Some of you do not know what these gifts are. You keep asking yourself, “how to find your passion?” Who are you and what things make you really lit on fire? You might have to take stock and do a little journaling. Taking just 10 minutes in the morning or at night just before bed can be the perfect way to reveal exactly what these passions are. Looking back upon your childhood and remembering those things that you loved to do can also reveal to you some things that can open you up. Grab some books, visit a few blogs and read a few articles… But always use your intuition. Your intuition is the way Holy Spirit/ the universe speaks to you.  Listen, listen, listen.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship calls for taking spiritual principles and applying them to your life in business. Understanding that each of has a message to bring out into the world. It’s about considering your core values and applying these to your life’s work. It’s about getting together with others to spread this message or do business using these values and principles and making certain that your tribe of fellow workers honestly understand your morals and values and what’s important to you in your business.

Having a clear understanding of what you stand for is very important. You must have a vision with a clear path set before you. Knowing who you are and what you believe in will attract the very people that you want to see in your personal life and those personalities that you want to do business with. Growing a business that caters to the heart and brings love into this world is what you can call Spiritual Entrepreneurship.

Jumping into things and listening to your intuition and really going for it can be one hell of a scary thing. Listening to holy spirit has always been scary for those that took the leap over the course of history. If they had not, many of us would not be who we are or maybe even exist! But you must keep your strength and wits about you and keep yourself inspired because you are creating something beautiful.

Spirit speaks to you because there’s a need in this world for what you are bringing forth and it can only be brought about because of your personal, beautiful, God-given gifts that are totally unique to you. Mixing these gifts that you will be honing, and putting them into place within your business life is the simplest way that I can tell you outright what spiritual entrepreneurship actually is. If this is the path that you’re looking to create for yourself, then I honestly cannot see why wouldn’t. Being the greatest of who we are and coming together with our selves to be connected to something more powerful can only take us to the greatest heights and bringing others along that ride with us. This is something very powerful.

Taking the path of involving your professional and personal life as a Spiritual Entrepreneur is your highest calling to life. Do it. Answer the call to life.

Below is a link to some very valuable books on Spiritual Entrepreneurship and become the greatest Spiritual Entrepreneur by figuring out exactly how to find your passion and using it for good.       

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