What Storyline Are You Feeding Yourself Over and Over Again?

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What story are you telling yourself? You know, the one that you have been retelling for years. What is it that you believe about yourself, where you have come from, where you are now, and where you feel you are headed in life? What does your body do when you think about this story that goes round and round in your mind about who you think yourself to be? Does your body shutter? Does your chest open up along with your heart? Do you start to feel small or do you start to feel tall, empowered and powerful? Many of us grow up believing that we have nothing to offer. We just follow the rules that are given to us, staying out of others way to be seen but not heard. To me, this is a travesty.

Each one of us has something incredibly significant to offer. So special in fact, that we are born with a unique DNA signature that has never been replicated nor will ever be. Your body vibrates a frequency as though it were a single note among millions that creates a powerful universal orchestra in which you are literally a signature sound that adds its unique piece and has its important place within this beautiful, sacred song that reverberates throughout this magical, spiritual Universal masterpiece that is being played. Think about that for a minute!

It’s so easy to listen to fall into that trap of listening to what is spoken about us, including that inner critic which tells us that we live for nothing more than to just simply survive, struggle, and exist. In fact, people are proud of this so-called struggle! Somehow victimhood and false martyrdom have become something to honor and celebrate, as though the victim has now become some kind of symbol for excellence, morale, and strength because of this so-called “struggle”. Unfortunately, this is a detrimental way of seeing things. There is no strength in victimhood. It’s very disempowering and a cop out. It’s the individual with the warrior heart and the person of strength that ought to be celebrated.

Stepping into the power of who you are and being your authentic self is what true strength and courage come from. It is knowing who you are and honoring your core values, always trusting within yourself, possessing the faith and belief that you are a child of God with unique qualities, talents, skills, strengths, experiences, and gifts that are unique to only you. Encoded within your very DNA.

Getting to understand the beauty of you, knowing the security of being at home with yourself and the power you can create within yourself using those gifts that can be used to project a message that will inspire and uplift others and act as a leader within your own right.

You are a transformation leader. Even if you are not aware of it at this moment. You are a leader with incredible value and the voice that many will connect with, that will allow you to bring your message that is given to you by a higher power and holy spirit, that you have sitting within yourselves, that is trying and striving to come out and do that will of the creator by using your gifts and sharing that message that is upon your heart and soul.

It is of utmost honor, respect, compassion, and importance that I come to you with my own messages of the heart that will move to inspire and motivate you to open your mind to the world of becoming who you are deeply and who you are to become in this lifetime. You have the gift of life and your happiness and your passion for life is my Calling. I’m here to tell you that your life is Calling. Your Higher Self is coming out and you are going to be seeking your own soul’s purpose.

Now, it can really be quite difficult because while we were growing up we were programmed with thoughts and limiting beliefs about Who We Are and what to expect through life and what it’s actually about. It is different for some, depending upon their culture or region, which they were brought up like most of us are, with this programmed limited belief system.

This is why many people suffer a lot of fear, live very small lives, and never really go out and become the people they were meant to be. We each have a mission to walk forward to, for the Creator, and this is why we have been instilled with these beautiful gifts that we need to hone, nurture, sharpen and perfect, if possible.

Right now, at this moment, there is no better time! This is your permission to go out and give to the world in service. Allow your divine gifts to shine through. Open your heart and surrender your soul to the spirit of this big, wide Universe, that honestly does have your back! Why wait and put it off for some distant time in the future, which none of us are promised. We only have the now.

Do you believe that you have what it takes? Do you believe that you have the strength? Do you believe that you have the trust, the faith, and the belief that it is possible to create a reality for yourself and for others that is more astounding and beautiful? Know that you can! If you just simply want to, ask and you will receive!

Never allow fear to overtake you and rob you of your happiness! Never allow fear to rob you of who you are! You have a unique message given to you from a higher place in which power of Love resides. It lives inside. Never allow this life to steal your spirit and your passion! Dig inside and bring out the inner child that is within you and allow your most authentic self to take you places that will bless yourself and others as you make your way this through this sacred journey in life. Know that life is so much more magical than what is told to you day after day after day. There is a life out there for you that is waiting. Just simply hold out your arms and grab it! Do it like there is no tomorrow, never wasting one moment and always remembering precisely what you were created to be!

Your life is calling. Are you going to answer it?



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