Work with Me

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Why work with Me?

If you meet any of the following, then you might be interested in working with me for some soulful, empowering coaching for your personal development upon your spiritual journey and or to clarify what you want your life purpose business to actually be.

What is your message? Do you need help with your confidence and clarity to begin your online spiritual business? Do you need help to discover what some of your blind spots are and where you actually want to begin?

I get it. I was there and I am still on my path. The path never ends. I got to a point where I was so tired of giving myself away, sacrificing my entire life for everyone else since childhood, getting older and had not even come anywhere close to those precious dreams that I had for myself since I was a little girl. I didn’t even know how to begin or where to start. I didn’t want to be vulnerable and stuck anymore either!

I wanted to be liberated free from this emotional pain, having to rely upon those who never reciprocated their end of the bargain, leaving me on my own and with nothing but feeling like a damn fool for allowing myself to be sucked into something like that for so freakin long!

Though I love people and am great with communicating, I’m an introverted woman and knew that it had to be possible to have a business that allowed me to work from home in peace, to be me in my personal space yet make friends with women all over the world just like me who wanted to drastically change their lives and experience true transformation, live a life connected to holy spirit and use those spiritual gifts that was placed inside of me for the blessing of myself and others.

Knowing that I dreamed of working with others like myself, I understood that my gifts lied as a coach, guide, teacher, way shower, etc. I fantasized about it for as long as I remember. Looking over my entire life, I can see that this is exactly where I need to be. I have a treasure trove of stories and lessons that I learned, things I was taught, the things I had studied, all the wisdom and knowledge gained over my years on Earth have developed to share with you. Especially this life path journey that I have been on that has taken me through this incredible spiritual awakening process! It’s crazy wild!

If you think in any way that I might be the one with the honor to work with you as you find your own message and discover what your purpose and passions for your life are… then working with me is precisely what is meant for you. It’s by no accident that you fell upon me. Listen to that powerful intuition you were given as an empathic woman (or gentlemen) and make that decision for yourself.

Are You Going Through Any of These Things? Do you Relate to Any of the Following?

Are you just discovering what an Empath is and what it means to be a sensitive intuitive with a highly sensitive nervous system?

Are you currently experiencing spiritual awakening and or dark night of the soul, mixed with what may be a mid-life crisis for those of you who are a little older? Does it feel like everything is falling apart?

Are you receiving synchronicities about your direction in life from the Angels, the Universe, etc? Seeing signs and symbols all over the place with heightened sensitivity and intuition?

Have you suffered from emotional abuse due to a relationship with a narcissist or emotional manipulations and avoidance from those you were close to? Do you need to understand this dynamic further?

Are you chronically fatigued and always low on energy but yet can never sleep at night. Overthinking happens a lot at night?

Do you always seem to be giving, giving, giving… yet you never receive anything close to what you give of yourself, your money, your time, your home, generosity, and hospitality, etc.

Are you desiring your own business as a creative, a guide, a coach, teacher, healer, writer, speaker or a little bit of all, that fits who you are as an Empathic person and won’t take away from that part of you, respecting your need for privacy? Do you desire freedom and liberation over your life?

Do you desperately need someone with an open ear and practiced empathic listening ability to share your burdens with? Are you suffering alone in silence? Living in shame? Covering another person’s shadows and sins?

Are you seeking someone who completely understands where you are coming from and who has experienced the same or similar things and yet has gone through it in one piece?

Are you seeking to develop your authenticity, your intuitive powers, your self-love, and emotional healing to gain strength in your life?

Do you need someone to be there to help empower you, push you and act as an accountability partner to help you succeed in all those precious goals that you set for yourself?

If you said yes to any of these, then you are most likely ready to make that next step.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]